We offer different weekdays training programs that allow you choose a package that suit your convinience

10 Days Duration

2 Weeks Monday to Fridays
10 Days
Price N20,000

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15 Days Duration

3 Weeks Monday to Fridays
15 Days
Price N25,000

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20 Days Duration

1 Month Monday to Fridays
20 Days
Price N30,000

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5 Weekends Duration

5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays
10 Days
Price N22,000

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8 Weekends Duration

8 Saturdays and 7 Sundays
15 Days
Price N28,000

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10 Weekends Duration

10 Saturdays and 10 Sundays
15 Days
Price N32,000

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Payment Info

Payment can be made to:
Account No: 0815009494
Account Name: Adebeyus driving school
Bank: Access Bank